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The Adams Arms AR-15 piston conversion kit is a high quality and user installable piston kit for the AR-15.


Product Description

The Adams Arms Standard Rifle Length Piston Kit is a short stroke free floating piston system that is self-cleaning and has a corrosive resistant coating. The kit includes an one-piece bolt carrier .750 Picatinny gas block with 3 settings gas plug upper receiver bushing and installation rod bolt spring drive rod with bushing and spring and a M4 handguard cap.This model also includes an installation DVD and requires a rifle gas length 13.241 from barrel extension to shoulder and a .750 gas seat.

Mfg Item Num: FGAA03113
Model Number: Standard
Series: Rifle Length Piston Kit
Unit of measure: EA
Type: Piston Kit
Model: AR Style
Size: 223 Remington/5.56 NATO
Material: Steel

We are proud to be an Adams Arms partner. Please feel free to contact us at Western Sport if you would like more information.

Lifetime warranty through Adams Arms.


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