STI Double Stack 9mm

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STI Custom 2011 – 9mm 1911.

Comes with carbon fiber holster and double mag carrier.

STI was the first to develop the 2011® platform, and its unique design quickly won over the competitive shooting world. The 2011® design is not solely for competitive shooters. Shooters in all areas- from personal carry to tactical defense- benefit from this unparalleled design. Its modular assembly helps to transfer kinetic energies on a much flatter plane, which means less recoil and faster follow up shots. Wrap that around a highly researched platform and it makes for some serious performance attributes. This level of gun gives you the ability to be a more proficient shooter whether slamming targets, or defending your livelihood…

Demanded by high-speed competitive shooters in the early 1990s, the 2011® product line is continuously evolving. The glass filled polymer and modular grip absorbs recoil and is extremely lightweight. Since the grips are injection molded with steel inserts they are much stronger and thinner than all-steel grips.

Custom Features:

Heinie Straight 8 Tritium F/R

F/R cocking serrations fish scale

Flatten serrate top of slide

Serrate rear of slide

3 – 3 1/2 # trigger

Amb: IDPA Legal Safety

Aftec Extractor

STI Tactical Magwell

Extended Mag Release

Bushing Barrel (Ramped)

IonBond Coating/ Finish Black

Flush Slide Stop and counter sink

Stipple texture frame grip w/High Grip

STI Recon/Tactical Frame w/ Light Rail




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