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Magpul DAKA Micro Wallet – Stealth Grey


Product Description

The Magpul DAKA Micro Wallet is the lightest and thinnest in the Magpul Wallet collection. Made from a reinforced polymer fabric, these wallets are durable, corrosion resistant, and have permanent welded seams. Full Specs listed below.


  • Reinforced polymer fabric
  • Permanent, RF welded seams
  • Holds 1-3 cards
  • Rounded corners ease pocket entry and exit
  • Extremely durable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Non-hygroscopic

These wallets are available in Stealth Grey, FDE, ODG, and Black. They also make an Essentials version that hols up to 7 cards. Click the link below to view more option for the Magpul DAKA wallet.

View the full collection here.


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