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Adams Arms SBR Rifle

This is the Government Military Model.  Very Rare


Product Description

Adams Arms SBR Rifle 11.5 inch

This is a Government and Military Model.  Extremely Durable.

The Adams Arms model is the tactical, battle-ready model in the lineup. The model includes an ergonomic Samson free float rail that covers the Adjustable Piston System. This rifle features tugged fixed sights, a Surefire Muzzle Brake ready for your Surefire Can, an Ergo pistol grip, as well as a tactical B5 stock with QD mounts.


In the 1957 Eugene Stoner developed the AR15/M16 rifle that shoots the .223 Remington/5.56 NATO caliber rounds. The design of this rifle utilizes the gases that push the bullet down the barrel to cycle the action of the semi-automatic and full-automatic AR15/M16 rifle.

These gases are vented into a gas tube through a hole on the barrel (the gas port). The gases travel back toward the receiver of the firearm and use its pressure to push the bolt carrier backwards toward the stock of the rifle.

This rearward movement of the bolt carrier rotates the bolt out of chamber (by utilizing the cam pin and cam pin channel) which will eject the empty casing of the fired round. The bolt carrier travels against a buffer and spring in the buffer extension tube (located inside the stock) just behind the receiver.

This compresses the buffer spring that will push the bolt carrier forward toward the magazine and barrel. The bolt carrier and bolt then strips a new round from the top of the magazine feeding it into the barrels chamber and rotates the bolt to lock into place. This utilization of gases to cycle a firearm’s action is known as Direct Impingement. It is the biggest flaw and concern with the AR15/M16. Because these gases are released into the receiver, a layer of carbon and burnt gases coat all the moving part of the firearm. This also leaves a lot of heat inside the receiver causing undue stress and wear on many critical parts. All of these issues give the AR15/M16 a reputation for being unreliable and having issue like failure to feed and failure to eject. In a combat situation this could be the difference between life and death.


The Adams Arms Retro-Fit Piston Drive System uses the same gas port on the barrel to work the action of our inverted piston. Instead of directing the gases into the receiver, they go into a gas plug and drive rod sleeve invented by Adams Arms. The gases are contained inside the drive rod sleeve and push the bolt carrier rearward using the gas pressure to cycle the action.

Adams Arms proprietary operating systems mechanically actuate the bolt carrier external of the receiver. This keeps the internal receiver and all the critical moving parts clean and free from heat and carbon build up.

Here are some of the main differences when using the Adams Arms Operating System:

  • Short Stroke Free Floating Piston System
  • Self Cleaning
  • Carbon and gases are expelled forward, away from the operator
  • Bolt Carrier Group and other critical components remain cool and clean
  • Corrosive resistant coating processes
  • Harmonics are not transferred into the barrel
  • Adjustable gas settings for various applications
  • Doesn’t vent direct to atmospheric pressure; this eliminates flash signature and supersonic crack which is optimal for night vision and suppressed fire

Our mission is to meet the engineering and design needs that will improve the flaws of the current AR15/M16 rifle platform for decades to come. There are those that believe the AR15/M16 rifle should be replaced with rifle platforms more recently developed and costing much more than the current rifle now in use. What these companies an/or designers fail to recognize is that there are millions of AR15/M16 rifles already in service around the world, whether owned by private citizens, military, or law enforcement.The Retro-Fit Piston Driven System developed by Adams Arms will transform and revolutionize the AR15/M16 rifle into a modern day firearm that will continue to be relevant for many decades to come. Additionally the Retro-Fit System, offered by Adams Arms, will save law enforcement, military, and other consumers thousands of dollars by offering a simple upgrade option, instead of a costly replacement firearm.

Adams Arms designed their Retro-Fit System to be installed easily by the average AR15/M16 shooter. This saves the consumer even more money by not requiring the system to be taken to a gunsmith/ armorist or pay for shipping cost and labor charges to send the firearm to the manufacturer for installation. All of the products Adams Arms manufactures are made right here in the USA and are machined out of high grade steel. Combine that with our proprietary PVD and meloniting processes and our Lifetime Warranty and you have purchased a product you can depend on for years to come.

Adams Arms also prides itself on providing the best customer service to all its customers, no matter what walk of life. Should you have a question, comment, or concern about an Adams Arms product, always know someone will be there to help you anyway they can.


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